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One Man’s Food Is Another Man’s Poison ~ Author Unknown

From the desk of Dr. Cody Hopson:

When most people think of food allergies they think of breaking out in hives, or a rash, or worse yet…an anaphylactic response that requires medical attention. However, there is another type of food “response” or “reaction” that people can have…that is more subtle…and over time can wreak havoc on your immune system, digestive system and overall health and vitality.

My name is Dr. Cody Hopson and I’m the Chiropractor at Peak Performance Chiropractic in Longview, TX.

THANK YOU for requesting this free report.  Today I want to share with you a journey of struggle AND triumph for a fellow mentor of mine.

My hope and prayer is that you’ll be able to gain VALUABLE information from this report.  I hope this   information will help you be able to take action and hopefully implement into your own life and the lives of your family members.

When my mentors’ son was 6 months old he had terrible eczema. He would scratch his scalp and his skin until he would bleed. He couldn’t sleep without being tied up.  He also vomited violently after having formula. This was followed by 20 minutes of a lethargic, limp baby whose eyes would roll into the back of his head.  He of course started with the pediatrician. She had no clue what would cause the vomiting and lethargy and advised him and his wife to just monitor it closely.  They just felt KNEW something was wrong so they did not stop there.

As a chiropractor, his wife and him tend to go the more natural route FIRST. So their next step was a chiropractor who focused on nutrition and a technique called applied Kinesiology. They focus on muscle testing and try to determine what their son could be reacting to.

The finding? Corn and Gluten.

The result? NO CHANGE!

What next?

Chiropractor number 2 who had the same approach and used a similar technique.

The finding? Soy, Wheat and Sugar.

The result? NO CHANGE!

At this point, his skin was terrible and his eczema was not getting better. He couldn’t sleep. They couldn’t sleep. He was miserable. NOT a happy baby!

Finally they took him to a dermatologist to hopefully get a solution for his skin problem. Of course, it was a topical steroid cream.

The result?  Some relief for the skin but still not a solution to the vomiting / lethargy after he would eat. By the way, they tried all different formulas…soy milk…goat’s milk, etc.

The search continued…

Finally, they heard about an allergy clinic in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. At this point they were thinking some sort of food allergy. Something just wasn't right.  So they drove 3 hours to this clinic in Wisconsin.

What did they do? They drew blood. It was NOT easy getting blood from a 7 month old. They used a vein in his head /scalp. They had to hold his head down while they stuck a needle in his temple.

But we had to find the problem…

The findings? Peanuts, Eggs & Dairy

What’s in formula? Eggs & Dairy

So, they provided us a prescription formula…a hypo allergenic formula that had no eggs…no dairy…no allergens essentially. Oh, and it was $60 for a tiny can.

The result? Skin cleared up and the vomiting went away and he’s been PERFECT ever since.

BUT, it took a BLOOD TEST and them driving 3 hours to discover the solution to this nightmare.

Why Do I Tell This Story?

Because I KNOW there are other people out there struggling with chronic health challenges!

Through this struggle he was able to do A LOT of research on nutrition and food sensitivities and allergies and intolerances etc.

As a doctor…He HAD to dig into this testing and somehow implement it to his own clinic. The results they had personally were LIFE CHANGING…and he had to bring this testing to as many people as he could and now, I hope to do the same and help people GET THEIR VITALITY BACK!

Food Allergy VS Sensitivity

Let’s dig a little deeper into the topic “clinically” and hopefully provide you with some good information / strategies that WILL improve your life.

The first thing you MUST understand is the difference between a food ALLERGY vs a SENSITIVITY.  This is crucial.

A true food ALLERGY is testing the IgE portion of your immune system. An ALLERGY typically has an immediate response. Sometimes it may be a rash…hives…and sometimes more serious with an anaphylactic response. Sometimes patients with a true food allergy have to carry an Epipen for emergencies.

Now, there is another portion of your immune system.  The IgG portion. This is the DELAYED immune reaction. So a food sensitivity or intolerance is the DELAYED reaction which is 10-12 hours…sometimes up to 72 hours.

This time frame is simply TOO MUCH to do any sort of elimination diet.  You’ll have a hard time trying to remove food and introduce foods when there MAY be a 3 day delay in response / symptoms.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Food Sensitivity?

These are the MOST COMMON things we see on a day to day basis in our clinic. These are the symptoms that warrant food testing. In other words, if I look at an intake form of a new patient and see these symptoms…I’ll recommend they get tested.

Weight Struggles / Weight Gain / Weight Loss Resistance

You see, when you eat foods that your immune system doesn’t like or that your immune system “reacts” to…this spikes INFLAMMATION.  You’ll hear me talk a lot about inflammation coming up…but it’s VERY hard to lose weight when you’re inflamed. This is why we food test our weight loss patients…to REMOVE the culprits that are wrecking their immune system AND digestive system.

Migraine Headaches

Migraines are a common symptom for a lot of people. Research has shown migraines to have an inflammatory component as well. So we MUST remove the pro inflammatory foods.   Could there be other “causes” of a migraine? Absolutely…heavy metals / other toxins…neck dysfunction…etc. But getting food tested should be step #1.

Digestive Problems / IBS / Leaky Gut

A lot of digestive problems can link back to a gluten sensitivity. Watch this now, in terms of leaky gut…we know that food sensitivities INFLAME the gut lining…causing dysfunction in the gut lining. This causes the tight junctions in the gut to open up and this allows bacteria and other particles to “leak” into the blood stream…causing another IMMUNE RESPONSE. White blood cells come running and it becomes a vicious cycle.

In addition, > 40% of the entire U.S. is GLUTEN INTOLERANT Gluten means GLUE.   It is a sticky protein found in wheat, barley, rye and oats.  It’s VERY tough for your digestive system to breakdown. It consumes a lot of energy to break it down.

Have you ever had pizza, spaghetti or pasta and just CRASHED afterwords?  IF you typically crash after heavy carbs / gluten…you’re one of the 40% who are sensitive.

Here is the problem…

IF you are one of the 40% who is sensitive to gluten, and you keep eating it over and over again…THIS DESTROYS YOUR SMALL INTESTINE.   It literally wrecks the villi in your small intestine.

Your small intestine is where you ABSORB MOST OF YOUR NUTRIENTS.

Then what happens is you become NUTRIENT DEFICIENT.

And it’s the deficiencies that can lead to OVER 200 different conditions.

Make sense?

How do you know if you’re gluten intolerant? Get tested! If we see a big spike to wheat, barley, rye and oats…we tell the patient to go gluten free and give them the resources to do so.

Fatigue / Low Energy

Again, when you eat the wrong foods…gluten…pro inflammatory…this can wreck your energy levels.

Thyroid Problems

It’s been estimated that 20 million Americans struggle with low thyroid and another 10 million have gone undiagnosed. What are the symptoms of low thyroid?

Weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, cold all the time, brittle nails etc.

Now here’s the kicker…90% of low thyroid is a condition called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

This is actually an AUTOIMMUNE condition.  IT’S NOT EVEN A THYROID ISSUE.  It’s an IMMUNE SYSTEM issue.

So a doctor might try to “Fix” or “Correct” the TSH levels with levothyroxin or synthroid or some synthetic thyroid medication…BUT…the person still struggles with thyroid symptoms.   WHY? Because they didn’t get to the cause.

The cause is IMMUNE SYSTEM - 90% of the time.  However, most doctors don’t know how to treat the immune system…so they just throw thyroid drugs at it…attempting to get lab ranges normal…meanwhile the patient carries on with their thyroid symptoms.

If 90% of low thyroid is AUTOIMMUNE…wouldn’t it make sense to test exactly how your immune system reacts to foods? To me that just makes sense.  Again, that should be step #1.

Skin Problems - Eczema / Psoriasis / Acne

Skin issues often have the inflammatory component. We remove the harmful / pro inflammatory foods the patient is reacting to…skin improves!


Research has shown a link to food sensitivities and kids who struggle with ADHD.

We’ve seen it time and time again. We food test…we remove the bad foods…and they begin to FUNCTION better, they think clearer.

Back Pain / Muscle Pain / Joint Pain

As a chiropractor, I see a lot of PAIN in people. Inflamed joints and Inflamed backs brings patients to our clinic in great pain with very achy muscles.  Again, the standard American diet (SAD) is very toxic, processed and pro inflammatory. People live off fast food, carbs and sodas (liquid candy) and then come in and expect ME to adjust their back and make them FEEL better.

The inflammation is there as a result of poor lifestyle choices.  Sugar spikes inflammation among a lot of other things.  So, what do we do with people who have chronic pain that doesn’t go away? We food test…customize their diet…get them back to a clean diet of Leans & Greens…Nuts & Seeds…Eggs & Beans all on a customized approach!

If they react to almonds…or apples…of course we’ll remove.

You see, everybody reacts to foods differently. I’ve told some people to get rid of Spinach, eggs and garlic.

When You Were Growing Up…How Many

People Had Food Allergies or Sensitivities?

Very few, right? I didn’t know anybody! So why now? Why is it that my kids can’t take peanuts to school?

The answer?   It’s all GMO!   Everything is genetically modified. Corn…Soy…etc. There is corn in everything. Our bodies have never seen such weird proteins and chemicals and it doesn’t know what to do with it all.

The result? Symptoms & Reactions.  Our bodies don’t know how to handle this stuff.

By the way, there is an emerging new field of science / profession…they are called Food Chemists.

Their job is to make things taste good. Things that aren’t real food…they will make them taste good.  They could probably make a shoe taste good!

Have You Ever Had An Oreo Cookie…Or A Dorito & Want To Eat The Whole Bag?

YES! Exactly what the food industry wants!  Eat more…buy more…get fat…eat more… buy more…you get the idea…!

When is the last time you bought a bundle of bananas and came home and ate 5 bananas in a row?  What about eating 3 apples in a row? It doesn’t happen.

This is food chemistry at it’s finest.

69% of the entire U.S. is overweight or obese.

It’s projected to be 80% by 2020.

Something HAS to change!

When you clean up your diet…and customize it BASED ON WHAT YOUR BLOOD WORK TELLS ME…Miracles Happen!

I have a private practice in Longview, TX and I’d love the opportunity to help you if you’re struggling with any sort of health challenge.   If you’re far away, no big deal we can talk on the phone and  get you tested through a lab near you.

This test, FoodTest95™, has been the biggest blessing for not only my mentors’ family…but for my patients and their families as well.

Give the clinic a call…I’d love to help you however I can!

Taking your Health to its PEAK and Beyond,

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